Cathy Knapp
Manufacturing Specialist Services
Phone: (269) 553-9588

Downtown Development Authority
Phone: (269) 651-1907

Andrew Kuk
Assistant City Manager - Development Director
Phone: (269) 659-7234

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Industrial and manufacturing businesses are very important to the City of Sturgis. We boast a strong industrial sector, diversified in both the size of company and products manufactured. If you are looking to start, expand, or grow an Industrial business in the City of Sturgis, we are ready to help make it happen.

Southwest Michigan First

The City of Sturgis works with Southwest Michigan First to supply industrial development services to the community. Cathy Knapp is the point of contact in Sturgis; Cathy can be reached at (269) 569-2623 or via email at To learn more about Southwest Michigan First, visit their website at


If you are interested in starting a new business, please be sure to check out the entire economic development website for more information about sites, the Sturgis Community, and available assistance and incentives. The Sturgis Business Development Team (BDT) is a great place to get started. Learn more about the BDT HERE. Contact or with any questions or to get started.


Existing businesses looking to locate or grow in Sturgis also have plenty of resources available throughout the Economic Development webpage and the City of Sturgis site. The Business Development Team is a great resource for companies looking to expand and Southwest Michigan First can help companies looking to locate or grow in the community. Contact or with any questions or to get started.