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Community Development Specialist
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Kara Falkenstein
Administrative Assistant
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Tim Garbine
Property Maintenance Inspector
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Will Prichard
Community Development Director
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Community Development

The Sturgis Community Development Department is responsible for Building, Planning, Zoning and Housing administration. The goal of the Community Development Department is to implement the City's various codes and ordinances in relation to construction and building needs, as well as to direct efforts to further homeownership and business opportunities. All these departments offer pre-application meetings to save time and money. Contact the Community Development Department to schedule a meeting. 

The City of Sturgis also offers Business Development Team (BDT) meetings, which can include the Community Development Director, DDA Director, City Engineer, Economic Development Director, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, or other staff members to answer questions, provide required forms, offer alternatives options when needed, and, if applicable, provide information on possible incentives. Find more information at City of Sturgis BDT or schedule a BDT at [email protected] or by contacting the Community Development Department directly.  

Click here for Pre-Development (BDT) Checklist in preparation for meeting with City Staff.


The Michigan Building Code controls all matters concerning the construction, alteration, addition, repair, removal, demolition, use, location, occupancy, and maintenance of all buildings and structures and their service equipment.

The Michigan Building Code standards can be difficult to navigate, even for the most experienced developer. Pre-application meetings are available at no cost to answer questions, provide essential forms, define timelines for review, as well as so much more.  Contact the Community Development Department directly to schedule a gathering. 

Construction Permitting

The City of Sturgis Community Development Department handles all State of Michigan building requirements for Building Permits and plans reviews.

The State of Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes is the permitting resource for Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical permits.

Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department works together to develop, interpret, and enforce the City’s zoning and other Ordinances. The Planning Department is responsible for administering City ordinances and directing growth and development of land in relation to local zoning ordinances. The Zoning Department has the duty of implementing the City's zoning ordinances, reviewing land rezoning requests, and overseeing specific land use requests.

The Planning and Zoning Department is available to meet for a pre-application meeting prior to submitting any applications to provide feedback or offer alternatives when needed. Contact the Community Development Department to schedule an appointment.

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance Code

All properties within the City of Sturgis must be maintained to the standard implemented by the City of Sturgis Property Maintenance Code. The City of Sturgis Property Maintenance Code is adapted from the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code, with amendments, and is enforced by the Community Development Department.

Common violations of the City of Sturgis Property Maintenance Code include: weeds, garbage, rubbish, exterior finishes, roofs and egress paths. Property owners are asked to comply with the City of Sturgis Property Maintenance Code; those that do not would be in violation of this code and citations may apply.

Property Maintenance Policy

The City’s Property Maintenance Policy requires non-owner occupied dwellings to be registered and inspected by a City Inspector. This policy includes enforcement of dwellings such as single-family homes, multiple family units and hotels. Registration of non-owner occupied properties is the responsibility of the property owner and must be completed annually.

The Community Development Department is responsible for the registration, inspection and monitoring of all residential rental units with the City of Sturgis. Failure to register rental properties may result in significant enforcement citations.


The Housing Department is responsible for carrying out the City’s various housing programs. The Housing Department works closely with the Sturgis Neighborhood Program to administer many of these efforts.

Sturgis Neighborhood Program (SNP)

SNP’s mission is to improve living conditions within the Sturgis community by providing quality housing and home ownership opportunities through the construction or renovation of single-family homes, and neighborhood improvement projects.

SNP promotes responsible home ownership through its various programs which include credit counseling, home buyer education, and the coordination of social and economic support services and referrals for area individuals and families. For details, please contact the Sturgis Neighborhood Program at 269-651-4780.

Neighbor2Neighbor Paint Program

The Neighbor 2 Neighbor Paint Program was implemented as a community effort to focus on exterior maintenance of properties within the City. At the program’s inception in 2019, the City of Sturgis has partnered with the SNP and Habitat for Humanity to administer and facilitate the program. Several local businesses have played an important role in this program whether it be through supplying painting supplies or equipment rentals.

The basis for the program allows homeowners to apply for assistance.

The Neighbor 2 Neighbor program has also brought together numerous volunteer groups from local worship groups, business and citizens that work with Habitat for Humanity to assist with the program. The program is always accepting new groups to volunteer for the program. For details please contact the Sturgis Neighborhood Program at 269-651-4780.

Other Development Links

Right-of-Way Construction Permits
For construction involving City Right-of-Way, a permit from the City Engineer’s Office is required. This include work on drive approaches (between the street and the property line), utilities, sidewalks and any other work in the street right-of-way. Contact the City Engineer at (269) 659-7249 for more information.

A State mandated “one-call” system for the location and staking of underground utilities prior to excavation or construction. You can contact MISS DIG by calling 811, 1-800-482-7171, or visiting them online at Please contact at least three working days in advance. The City receives an email with the appropriate information to complete our portion of the utility location.

City Utilities
Information on utility connections and services for City of Sturgis Electric, Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater can be found on the Utilities Page.

Non-City Utilities
The following links are provided for your convenience to set up some of the non-city utilities you may require:

Payment Methods Accepted

In-Person Payment Options
Cash, Check, and Money Order are accepted at City Hall for payment of Development Fees.

On-line Payment Options
Credit Cards are accepted for Development Fees if applying on-line.