2014 Sturgis 2022 Update

The 2014 Sturgis 2022 Citizen Update is here!  Check out the link below to learn about 2014 projects that are helping us achieve our goals, as well as data on how we are doing.


2014 Sturgis 2022 Citizen Update

2013 Sturgis 2022 Update

The City of Sturgis has released its update for 2013 on the Sturgis 2022 project.  The report provides progress on the Sturgis 2022 goals and focus areas, as well as brief informative pieces on what the community has been up to in 2013 to make the 2022 vision a reality.  Check out the full report at the link below.

LINK: Sturgis 2022 Report to Citizens 2013

Keys to a Healthy Economy

During the initial stages of Sturgis 2022, the City Commission adopted a model for a healthy economy that relies on four components.  Based on several successful models for economic development,under this model if a community is doing well in these four areas, the local economy will be successful and ultimately lead to growth, wealth creation, and jobs.

Key #1: Infrastructure and People

Infrastructure and people are important to a healthy economy.  To succeed, business needs the right resources, setup and people to create jobs.

This includes:

  • Utilities (water, sewer, electric)
  • Roads, rail and airports
  • High-speed internet
  • Reliable workforce
  • Workforce with various skills / education

Key #2: Place

A healthy economy depends upon the community being a place where people want to live and work.  Place is the way in which a community is seen by itself and others.

This includes:

  • The things you can do (shop, eat out, go to a show or concert, etc.)
  • Climate / natural resources (rivers, forests, parks, trails)
  • Atmosphere / community feel (i.e. a good place to raise kids?)
  • Community attitude / culture

Key #3: Education and Skills

Today healthy economies rely more and more on education, knowledge and skilled employees.  Innovation requires knowledge resources.

This means:

  • Focusing on education at all levels (high school, vocational and college)
  • Creating ties between business and schools
  • Developing resources to get and keep knowledge-based businesses / ideas

Key #4: Money for Investment

A healthy economy relies on the availability of money.  Access to investment is needed so business can develop and grow locally.

This means:

  • Funding is available from sources such as banks, individuals, institutions, grants, etc.
  • Connecting good ideas with money
  • Making funds available to small business so they stay in town


The new focus areas and goals, along with the focus areas proposed this summer, fit into one or more of these categories.  If we are successful with Sturgis 2022, we should be successful in creating a healthier economy for Sturgis.

Sturgis 2022 Goals Approved

On December 19th the Sturgis City Commission formally adopted the focus areas and goals for Sturgis 2022.  The two focus areas, A Great Place to do Business and A Community of Choice have nine total goals which cover many of the areas presented during our feedback process this summer.  These focus areas and goals are detailed in the sidebar.

This approval means that Sturgis 2022 is moving into the next, longest phase: implementation.  As a result, this site will be undergoing some changes as we transition away from introducing ideas and gathering feedback to presenting our goals and discussing how we plan on implementing them.

Starting in January of 2013 you will begin to see more information here and elsewhere about the focus areas, goals, and how we intend to measure them over the next ten years.  A report detailing the feedback received and the new focus areas and goals will be available online and in hard copy shortly.

While the City has taken the lead on Sturgis 2022, from the start it was not meant to be a “City” effort but a community one.  To achieve our goals and vision will require support from local organizations, businesses, and citizens.

For all those who provided feedback, thanks again.We hope that you will want to become a partner with us in Sturgis 2022.  Your support does not need to be in the form of serving on a committee, or starting a program; anything you can do to make positive change a reality helps.

Over the next 10 years we want Sturgis 2022 to become a household phrase in Sturgis that immediately refers to positive changes in the community.  We plan to regularly update this website and Facebook page with information on our efforts and will produce updates each year on our plans and progress.

We hope you will help by partnering with us to make the vision of Sturgis 2022 a reality.