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Sturgis Wire

The Sturgis Wire is a newsletter prepared quarterly by the City to help provide residents with information about projects, services, and activities within the City. The newsletter is mailed to all residents in the 49091 zip code. Starting this June the Wire will feature brief articles that are expanded upon here to provide residents with more information.

For those interested in more frequent news and information, the City of Sturgis also publishes a weekly e-mail newsletter, the eWire. Sign up to receive the eWire HERE.


Sturgis eWire
What is the Sturgis eWire?
The Sturgis eWire is a subscription based email notification about news and events relevant to Sturgis citizens. Whenever important news happens in Sturgis, we will send out an email with vital or pertinent information relating to the subject. The email will ONLY be sent to subscribers.

What does the eWire cost?

The eWire is completely free!

How do I subscribe?
Subscription is very simple. Click here to be taken to our subscription form.

How do I unsubscribe?
If you no longer wish to receive our emails, click here to unsubscribe. Additionally, at the bottom of the eWire emails you receive you will be given instructions and a link to remove your subscription.

Why can't I view the eWire?
When you receive your eWire, if you are unable to view it the reason is most likely linked to your email client. The emails are created with HTML and are similar to web pages. It is possible that your email client is not set to view this type of formatting. Since it is impossible for us to provide complete instructions on how to set up all email clients, we suggest that you view your email clients HELP services to find out more on how to change your settings.

I subscribed to the eWire, but I'm not receiving them?
If you have a SPAM filter installed for your email, it is possible that the eWire emails are being filtered out since they are subscription based.