Rick Miller
Director of Public Services
Phone: (269) 659-7291

Barry Cox
City Engineer
Phone: (269) 659-7249

Tom Sikorski
Deputy Director of Public Services
Phone: (269) 651-2879

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Water Systems

The City of Sturgis Water system serves customers residing in the City of Sturgis and the surrounding area. The water system includes over 66 miles of watermain, a 1.5 million gallon elevated water storage tank, and several water wells.

Water Service

For information on setting up service for an existing residence with water service, contact utility customer service at (269) 659-7254 or visit Sturgis City Hall. If you need to install a new water service, use the form below and return it to the City Engineer’s office, located at Sturgis City Hall (130 N. Nottawa). For more information on rates, terms and conditions, and customer service, please visit the Utilities page.

If you are experiencing a water service emergency, please contact (269) 651-2879 during regular business hours (7:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday) or after office hours, contact Central Dispatch at (269) 467-4195.

Water Treatment and Quality

The constant goal of City of Sturgis water system is to provide our customers with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water.  Prior to reaching your home, the City treats water at the well site with Chlorine to prevent bacterial growth in the water supply, Flouride to help prevent tooth decay, and Polyphosphate Polymer to minimize “red water” and to control corrosion in the water supply system.

More information on City’s water quality and water system services is available as part of the yearly “Quality of Tap” Report.  A copy is available below.  If you have any questions about this report or the water system, please contact the Engineering Department at (269) 659-7249.