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Water Systems - Meter Replacement
Water Meter Installations

The City of Sturgis is installing new water meters in homes and businesses. All water meters that are over five years old will be replaced and all water meters will receive an Automatic Meter Infrastructure (AMI) system to collect meter readings remotely and make meter reading more convenient for our customers.

The City of Sturgis has hired Vanguard Utility Services, Inc. to assist in removing old water meters and replacing them with new digital water meters and reading devices. This process will require an appointment, where a representative of Vanguard will enter your home for about 20 minutes to complete the necessary work.

Replacements will begin around August 1 st 2016 and will take several months to reach all residences in the city. Property owners should receive a letter from the City with information about the process. All property owners are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Vanguard using the information below. Vanguard Utility Services, Inc. will also be canvassing door to door to access those properties that do not make appointments to replace the water meter and install the transmitter.


All property owners are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Vanguard Utility Services. To set up an appointment, you can call Vanguard at (270) 315-5304 or visit their website at and select “Schedule”.  At the current time, a phone call is recommended.  Representatives of Vanguard Utility Services, Inc. will be available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays on an as needed basis.

Prior to your appointment, you are required to make necessary provisions to allow clear access to the City’s water meter. Please clear any obstructions from around the water meter area before Vanguard arrives.

There is NO CHARGE for the typical replacement of your meter. In some cases, minor plumbing changes may be necessary to replace the water meter; Vanguard will make these changes, also for no charge.


Vanguard Utility Services is operating as a contractor for the City of Sturgis. All personnel will be properly identified with a City issued photo identification card displayed on their outer garment. Employees scheduled to be working in the City of Sturgis include:

Frederick Futch
Project Manager

Zachary Faith

Scott Truitt
Matthew Carpenter

If you have any question as to anyone’s identity, please call (269) 659-7254 to confirm their identity before letting them enter your home.