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Deputy Fire Chief
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Sturgis Fire Department
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I burn trash, or brush, in the city?
Residents are allowed to burn household trash from 7:00 a.m. until 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, no burning is allowed on Sunday. Household trash consists of ordinary paper or cardboard, and does not include any type of plastic, diapers, food or animal waste. Burning must be in an approved container such as a metal barrel or ring and must be located at least 15 feet from any structure or wooden fence. Please keep in mind that trash fires have caused numerous neighborhood conflicts over the years. Please be considerate of neighbors with open windows. The fire department reserves the right to ask you to extinguish any type of fire if it causes a nuisance in the neighborhood.

The burning of brush, grass, or leaves is absolutely prohibited within the City of Sturgis. The Sturgis Fire Department recommends all residents take advantage of the compost site on Fawn River Road.

Can I have a camp fire or bonfire in my back yard?
A campfire or a recreational fire is described as "an outdoor fire utilized to cook food for human consumption". This is the most popular fire for hanging out in the back yard. These fires do not require a permit or have a limitationas to hours of operation. We ask citizens to use common sense when utilizing a recreational fire. Keep it small, attended and in a ring on the ground or appropriate container away from houses, garages or wooden fences. A bonfire is described as "an outdoor fire used for ceremonial purposes". If you anticipate having a bonfire please call the department for guidelines. The fire department reserves the right to ask you to extinguish any type of fire if it causes a nuisance in the neighborhood.

What number do I call in case of an emergency?
All of St. Joseph County uses 9-1-1 for emergencies including fire, police and ambulance. If you call the department at 269-659-7257 and no one answers, you may call the St. Joseph County non-emergency number of 269-467-4195 and they will contact us.

How do I schedule a tour of the fire station?
Tours of the station can be scheduled by contacting the department at 659-7257.

Does the fire department give away, or install smoke detectors?
Sturgis Fire Department has a free smoke detector program for city residents. Qualified residents can receive a free detector. To see if you qualify for a free detector, please phone the department at 659-7257.

How do I get a copy of a report?
If you need a copy of a fire report for your insurance company, one may be obtained at the police station for a small fee. We cannot release a report of a fire, or other incident, that is under investigation.

If you have any other questions concerning the fire department please contact us at 659.7257.